ISSN: 1935-1232 (P)

ISSN: 1941-2010 (E)

Tatiana A Usanova
Department of Medical Science, Ogarev Mordovia State University, Saransk, Russia


  • Research   
    Biomedical Rationality: Ontology, Scientific Grounds and Reflexivity
    Author(s): Elena N Pesotskaya*, Vera I Inchina, Lyudmila A Belova, Yulya A Makarova, Anna A Usanova and Tatiana A Usanova

    A novel and complex core concept of “biomedical reality” has been formulated in the context of metaphysical knowledge. In meaning, it is close to digitalisation, though differs methodologically. Scientific grounds suggest that it is a backbone in the characteristic of the human ontos, representing multidisciplinary understanding of values of the existing technology-related model of living. A phenomenon of reflexivity has been considered as an onto-gnoseological key element, an interpretative principle, and a condition for new-style rational thinking in the contemporary scientific paradigm. Causality of processes in the living matter and a basis for bio-rationality as a crossing reality point are modelled based on connective-tissue individuality. Evaluation and parametric analysis of the phenomenon through generalising new data of neuroscience demonstrates that there is a t.. Read More»

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