ISSN: 1935-1232 (P)

ISSN: 1941-2010 (E)

Yogender Kumar Malik
Department of Psychiatry, Institute of Mental Health (IMH), Pandit Bhagwat Dayal Sharma Post Graduate Institute of Medical Sciences, Haryana, India


  • Mini Review   
    Artificial Intelligence in Schizophrenia: Where We Stand?
    Author(s): Yogender Kumar Malik, Adwitiya Ray* and Rajiv Gupta

    Schizophrenia is a severe, chronic mental health condition affecting the lives of millions of people universally. The unclear pathological mechanisms of the disorder and its heterogeneity and complexity make its diagnosis and treatment challenging. The lack of objectively measurable diagnostic tests for schizophrenia further decreases the reliability of its diagnosis. Artificial intelligence techniques have the potential to provide an objective and evidence-based approach to the identification and management of schizophrenia. This article reviews the current understanding of its current use in schizophrenia, advantages, disadvantages and future potentials. With the passage of time and digitalization of the modern age, there will be an increase in the use of artificial intelligence in psychiatry hence a detailed understanding will be thoughtful. For this, we searched search engines, by.. Read More»
    DOI: 10.3371/CSRP.MYAR.050922

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