ISSN: 1935-1232 (P)

ISSN: 1941-2010 (E)

Farah Lotfi Kashani
Department of Psychology, Islamic Azad University, Tehran, Iran


  • Research Article   
    Explanation of Subjective Experience in Patients with Bipolar I Disorder Facing Love Trauma Based on Grounded Theory
    Author(s): Roya Rezapur, Shahram Vaziri* and Farah Lotfi Kashani

    Experiencing failure and rejection in emotional relationships is a traumatic experience in patients with bipolar I disorder due to their mood changes. This study aimed to explain subjective experience in confrontation with love trauma in patients with bipolar I disorder. To achieve this goal, a qualitative research method, grounded theory based on the Strauss-Corbin approach, and a semi-structured interview were used. The participants were 19 patients with bipolar I disorder in 2021 in Zanjan City who was selected based on theoretical sampling and theoretical saturation. Data analysis was performed based on three coding methods: open, axial, and selective coding. Analysis of participants' experiences led to the identification of 102 primary concepts, 13 subcategories, and 5 main categories, including "traumatic experiences within one’s family", "vulnerable/und.. Read More»
    DOI: 10.3371/CSRP.RRSV.030722

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