ISSN: 1935-1232 (P)

ISSN: 1941-2010 (E)



Healthcare Workers Satisfaction in COVID-19 Health Institutions
Author(s): Alaa Noori Sarkees* and Bangeen Sisn Ahmed

Background: Healthcare workers experienced uncertainty when COVID-19 was established, particularly in their employment stability, financial state, and work and home environment. In addition, the COVID-19 pandemic caught healthcare systems off guard, and healthcare professionals had to contend with a lack of required equipment such as face shields, masks, gowns, and respirators. Thus, the current study aimed to find out the healthcare workers satisfaction with their work conditions at the COVID-19 institutions in the Duhok Governorate.

Method: The study adopted a descriptive (cross-sectional) design at the five institutions of COVID-19 in the Duhok governorate established by the Duhok General Directory of Health in the Kurdistan Region of Iraq from October 31st, 2021, through October 22nd, 2022, on 238 healthcare workers who agreed to be subjects in the present study, the data were collected by using a Likert scale questionnaire with applying a direct interview technique to obtain healthcare workers-related information, descriptive statistics were done to calculate the HCW’s overall and subdomain satisfaction toward working in COVID-19 institutions by applying the by dividing the total questionnaire’s scores into three levels (cut-off point).

Results: The study reveals that nearly half (48.3%) of the healthcare workers in COVID-19 health institutions show average satisfaction regarding overall job satisfaction domain toward working in such institutions.

Conclusion: Nearly half of those workers showed average satisfaction regarding the overall domain of job satisfaction toward working in such institutions.