ISSN: 1935-1232 (P)

ISSN: 1941-2010 (E)



Effect of Cucurbita pepo L Extract on Histology Changes of Some Entry Organs Anatomy in the Males of Rats Exposed to Oxidative Stress
Author(s): Shurooq Hameed, Ayyub J Abdlrhmaan* and Iktefaa Abdual Hameed

The aim of this study to know the effect cold and hot aqueous extract of Pumpkin fruits on some anatomical characteristics on male rates exposed
to oxidative stress by H2O2 0.5% on drinking water for 30 days. Fourty white albino rates used at ages 10-12 weeks and 200-250 gm weight divided
randomly into 8 groups include 5 rates in each as following group: Without treatment (control), H2O2, cold extract (250 ml/kg), hot extract (250 ml/kg),
cold+hot extract, hot extract+H2O2, cold extract+H2O2, hot+cold extract+H2O2. The extracts gived by mouth by tube feeding and results showed: Rates
gived natural water had normal sexual cells and normal semniferious tubules while the group which gived H2O2 showed bloody congestion, necrosis
epithelial cells, and hyperpigmentation of connective tissues between tubulets. Rates given (hot+cold extract+H2O2) showed increase of semniferious
tubules count also in super fat sperms.