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The Effect of Betty Newman System Model on Anxiety of Patients Undergoing Endoscopy at Torbat Heydariyeh 9th Day Hospital
Author(s): Zahra Sadeghi, Mohsen Sahebanmaleki, Maryam Ebrahimpour Roodposhti, Maliheh Eshaghzadeh, Mahya Ahmadi, Zahra Shafiei and Malihe Kabusi*

Background and aim: Endoscopy is one of the most stressful interventions for patients. High levels of anxiety in patients have adverse effects on them. The Beatty Newman system model, as one of the most common nursing models, reduces patient stress. This model plays an important role in reducing patient anxiety by predicting and identifying potential and actual stresses. Thus, the aim of this study was to evaluate the effect of Betty Newman system model on anxiety of patients undergoing endoscopy.

Materials and methods: This classic experimental study was conducted in January 30, 2018 on 60 patients undergoing endoscopy at the clinic of Tarbiat Heydariyeh 9th Day Hospital. Simple random sampling method was used to divide the selected samples into two groups of intervention and control. The data collection tool was the State-Trait Anxiety Inventory (STAI). Routine nursing care was delivered to samples in the control group, but in the intervention group, intervention was implemented in two sessions (15 minutes to 20 minutes) based on the Betty Newman system model. Data were analysed by SPSS-21 statistical software using descriptive (table, mean, standard deviation) and inferential statistics (paired sample t-test, independent samples t-test, ANCOVA).

Results: Independent t-test did not show a significant difference between the intervention and control groups before the intervention in terms of anxiety level (P=0.58), but it showed a significant difference between the two groups after the intervention (P<0.01). Also, ANKOA test showed a significant difference between the two groups by removing the effect of pretest (P<0.01, Eta=23%).

Conclusion: Considering the results of this study and the effectiveness of Betty Newman system model on reducing patients' anxiety, it is necessary to use this model and other effective nursing theories as a guide in nursing interventions.