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Estimation of Anti-COVID-19 IgM and Anti-COVID-19 IgG in Patients with Heart Diseases
Author(s): Yousor M Jameel*

In the current study, blood samples were obtained from (83) heart disease patients who were suffering from COVID-19 and from 83 healthy individuals as a control group. The patients attended Al-Karama hospital in Baghdad/Iraq during the period from 15th January to 15th September 2020. The prevalence of corona virus IgG antibodies in females were shown to be 23 (51.1%) in comparison with males 22 (48.9%), P=0.706.While the prevalence of corona virus IgM antibodies in females was 13 (54.2%) when compared with males was 11 (45.8%), P=0.93. The prevalence of anti-COVID-19 IgM antibodies and anti-COVID-19 IgG antibodies according to age group elevated that anti-COVID-19 IgM in the age group (<20) years was 6 (10.2%), while in the age group (20-39) years was 9 (37.5%),whereas in the age group (40-59) years was the highest 11 (45.8%), while in the age group (>60) years was the lowest 3 (12.5%), P=0.741. However, the results showed that the prevalence of anti-COVID-19 IgG in the age group (<20) years was 4 (8.9%), and in the age group (20-39) years was the highest 19 (42.2%), while in the age group (40-59) years was 17 (45.8%), whereas in the age group (>60) years was 5 (11.1%), P=0.912. The prevalence of anti COVID-19 IgG in rural areas was 24 (53.3%) compared to its prevalence in urban areas 21 (46.7%). Results of our study showed an elevated mean Troponin levels 51 (61.4%), and the mean CRP level was 76 (91.6%), while the mean LDH level was 2((2.4%), in the level<160, and 11 (13.3%) in the levels between 160-320, a highest levels in >320 concentration were 70 (84.3%). Correlation of CRP and COVID-19 with heart disease patients showed that the Pearson Correlation of D dimer with CRP was .684, the Pearson Correlation of Troponin with CRP was.425, and the Pearson Correlation of LDH was .544.