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ISSN: 1941-2010 (E)



Comprehensive Nursing Care for COVID-19: It's Effect on Prognosis of Patients with Chronic Diseases
Author(s): Abeer El Said Hassan El Sol*, Asmaa Hamed Abd Elhy, Tawheda Mohamed Khaleha El-Saidy, Ghada Mohamed AbdElsalam Elhgry, Ahmed Abozaid Ahmed Teima and Gehan A. Abed

Background: COVID-19 is severe in patients who have chronic diseases as hypertension, ischemic heart disease, diabetes mellitus, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, renal and liver diseases, additional cancer, and the risk of mortality rate increases among elderly people.

Aim of the study: To evaluate the effect of comprehensive nursing care for COVID-19 on prognosis of patients with chronic diseases.

Design: Quasi Experimental design.

Setting: The current study was carried out at isolation medical ward for COVID-19 patient (6th floor) at Menoufia University Hospital, Egypt.

Subject: Purposive sample of 300 COVID-19 patients who fulfilled the inclusion criteria. They were divided randomly and alternatively into two equal groups 150 in each group: Study group (1): COVID-19 patients who received the hospital routine care and comprehensive nursing care provided by researchers. Control group (2): COVID-19 patients who received only protocol of care provided by the hospital.

Tools of the study: Three tools were used to collect the data; as follows: Tool I: Interview questionnaire sheet; it developed by researchers it divided into four parts: Part (1): Sociodemographic data, Part (2): Questionnaire for medical data, Part (3): Laboratory and diagnostic data and Part (4): Clinical manifestation with categories of COVID-19. Tool (II): Chalder fatigue scale. Tool (III): Zung Self-Rating Depression Scale.

Results: There was a statistically significant difference between the study and control group concerning to the duration of hospitalization, Sao2, vital signs post one week and before patients 'discharge from hospital. There was a statistically significant difference in study group at different intervals related to categories of clinical manifestations, reduction in mean score of fatigue and depression compared to control group post intervention.

Recommendations: Integrate comprehensive nursing care in the protocol of care for COVID-19 patients. Establish multidisciplinary rehabilitation programs to determine discharge readiness and needs of patients recovering from Covid-19.

Conclusion: Comprehensive nursing care has a positive effect on reducing the length of patients’ hospitalization stay and enhanced patients’ prognosis.